Friday, February 24, 2006


I have been sitting in front of my PC for hours. Things coming and going. I have been asked to post once more, but frankly, I have not had the time or will to do so. Last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster.

Last november, on the 14th - I think there was a full moon that night - my then girlfriend told me we were to be parents. She was scared shitless; I was laughing, happy. Three days or so later, we decided to get married, which we did on January 21 this year. Contrary to popular belief, I was happy and I am happier now. I have never loved a woman the way I love my wife.

On Saturday, February 11, we found out our baby girl was in trouble. The next wednesday we had to interrupt the pregnancy. That has been the single hardest decision my wife and I have ever made. On this subject, I only hope no one has to go through that. Some people will. How hard was it? I feel I signed a death warrant, regardless of the fact that the baby was very likely to die and cause serious complications for my wife.

I feel like there's something missing. But I know I'll be alright. Many people have shown us support and shared their experiences as well.

I write this post only to express this.


Many people are pro-choice and whatnot. Its a terrible decision to make, never to be taken lightly; to be taken with responsibility. Think of the child's future, not your own. Make the decision as a parent. For me its hard to believe so many people throw lives away. Enough.


Anonymous joselo182 said...

a parent responsability is to always think for the sake of the son, to give them the opportunity of grow and develop. i might be young, but sometimes i imagined myself with such responsability of being a father. neverthereless imagining and being is not the same thing. im deeply sorry of ur loss my friend abd regardless my lack of experience of the subject i want u to know u can always count on me

February 28, 2006 12:22 AM  
Blogger iliana... said...

ohh i didnt know anything og this, that's so (i dont even got a word for it).


March 09, 2006 1:32 PM  

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