Friday, April 28, 2006

To Tell or Not to Tell

I have been hit with a Shakesperean conflict. Simply put, to tell or not to tell. Allow me to explain. It all started three days ago.

As I was enjoying a light lunch (soup, salad, rice, a serving of beef and some souffle) I casually glanced to my left. There was a jewel of a young woman sitting at a nearby table, simply indescribable (blonde hair, pretty brown eyes, soft light skin, shapely yet fit body, nicely tended feet and hands... alas, I notice too much). She was leaning forward enjoying her meal, and there it was.

It's no mystery why it caught my eyes, it's something you just can't help. Amazing how such a thin strand of white thread and cloth can captivate one's sight. Her pants were a bit below the waist line, cheekily showing anyone who'd look what was usually under them.

I immediately turned to the only other male at my table and informed of my find. A mere "oooh" was his reply. Then the girls sitting with us were wondering what we were so taken with. One of them decided to tell the young lady of her revealed clothing, and the lady promptly corrected her posture to conceal it. Damned whistle blowers!

I was struck with the though that if I had been a gentleman, I would have gently and respectfully informed the young lady of the situation. Instead, I instinctively shared my find with the other male who was with me.

It's difficult to override instincts, I guess. I chose not to tell, and feel rather guilty, but the little devil on my left shoulder is still picturing the sight.

Monday, April 17, 2006

7 things that piss me off

1. Stupid drivers (maybe, in the near future I'll blog about the disaggregation of this topic).
2. Waiting too much; I'm a patient guy, don't push me too far.
3. Having to work late.
4. Hypocrits, shit-eaters, and gossippers.
5. Repeating things I've already done before (work, i.e.).
6. Being interrupted while in the bathroom (#2 specially).
7. Those damned soft-covered toilet seats...

No victims... I'm getting pissed off just remembering these things...

The Infamous 25 Things

I'm still waiting for Manu and Moreno...

Here they are:

25 Things That Make Me Happy
My list... in alphabetical order...

Being surrounded by friends
Bubble baths
Buying stuff for myself
Cooking (BBQs included!)
Driving on the Highway with a Joe Satriani CD playing
Finding money in washed laundry
Getting recognition for my efforts
Lil' Vicz
Lying on the beach, under the shade, doing absolutely nothing
Messing around with my guitars (I wouldn't call it "playing", jaja)
My wife
Pets, specially dogs
Reading a good book
Satisfying my curiosity
Sleeping late
Swimming underwater, snorkling, e.g.
The rush of take-off on an airplane
Tom and Jerry
Watching my mother sneeze (makes me laugh, actually)
White water rafting

10 things George said:

1- chillin con lo tigre
2- reading a good book
3- feeding your mind on-line [wiki/imdb/nytimes]/learning new stuff
4- a good laugh
5- munching on the pink taco
6- driving
7- spending time with your bro, mom, and rest of family
8- the beach
9- a kick ass cool rock song
10- eating a good fucking meal

Deme's list

1) Food
2) A good movie (he knows every single actor in every movie, even the extras)
3) Spending time with his friends
4) A good book (all mighty wise one)
5) Video games (link this one with #3)
6) Laughing
7) The beach
8) Antes era el Doll, now it has to be sex
9) El whisky con Coca Cola (strange, but that's what he drinks)
10) I'll have to pinch in and say his family and wife

Andrew's list (exagerated, as always... he did 20!!!)

1.Eating Sushi
2.Sleeping in late on Sundays only to be disturbed to eat sushi from 12am to 4 pm
3.Having passionate sushi Sex…. ( I just figured I could combine 2 things you like into one.. you know like those women sushi plate thingies.)
4.Reading the credits of every movie… while eating sushi.
5.Somehow I think he enjoys sending his car every 3 to 4 months to the mechanic. The mechanic likes to eat sushi… I think he gives some to Vicz.
6.Oh how can I forget… when little Vicz shows up with some food (NO NOT SUSHI!!!) he seems to shine in joy just because he can take it away from the little one.
7.He loves to play his guitar when no one is watching…I’ve heard rumors though that he’s been spotted playing at china town for sushi...baaa´dono.
8.He loves when one of us convinces Javier that we should go over to his house for some R&R…he doesn’t like to do the dirty work….you expected some sushi thing here?? Pos no.
9.I actually think he is really fond of reading the yellow pages…in detail... You don’t believe me?? Have you ever asked him about any random place…like were is Matahambre?…its not some food place you turd!!...he probably knows that its like Sector “something” Esq. “Someshit” # “someotherstuff”
10.Recently I discovered that his number one hobby is reading that IMDB movie web page…hey victor.. Is there any movie come soon featuring a Nigiri or maybe a sashimi?
11.Ahhh… who can forget …uhm… what’s the name of that game…. know the clay….and famous actor crap…..something about brain… well that game…
12.Going to his grandma’s house to eat on Sundays…..damn that boy can fart!!
13.Ehi!!! El monteo papa!!! UF!!!!uff!!!
14.hum…..(Saturday April 8th 2006)
15.Sunday April 9th 2006…..Feeding the poor…you know… when he makes them BBQs… he’s always been the cook…. I bet he’ll soon make some BBQ Sushi…(wow.. that’s a good name for a restaurant). By poor I mean…‘Joselo, Crema, Jorge, Manuel, Deme, Erick, Javis, Elegal, Lil Vicz…….US!!
16.Bombardearle la alfombra a la Mamaporcheta del moreno con fuegos artificiales
17.Using the little Chinese black rock! Jeje
18.After a few drinks he seems to love this chick.. uhm…Cristina Aguilera….. just ask Jose C.
19.Reading ….then reading some more…. And then he reads 2 books at the same time…I heard he’s learning some Japanese so that he can read some sushi making books…
20.At the end of the day… what he enjoys the most is hanging with his friends…. Usually to talk and do nothing… but it’s a nothing that’s so grand that reading a simple line wont get you any closer to understanding.

There you have them. Do you get a feeling these people know me at all???