Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Does Jar Jar Binks Really Deserve a Beating?

Check the above. It's a screenshot of today's IMDB daily poll. Question was which Star Wars character would you like to punch in the nose. Jar Jar won in a landslide.
I'd love to hear Adam Sandler's "The beating of a Jar Jar Binks". Hilarious. "Ow... Misa Hurt.. Why Yousa bitchslappin me? Annie, help!! Ugh!!!"
Heh, Heh. Mean... Priceless...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The state or quality of being reluctant; unwillingness.

Going back a couple of years - say 8 or 9 - my friend Jesse Norell and I used to get together in our houses and mess around on guitars (I messed around, Jess more or less played). I started playing more and more after that. Jess always wanted to play in a band, and he did while he was here. He always expressed a desire to go down the road of music.

Jesse was never one to think of this as wanting to be famous, or be a star, etc. He wanted to make music he would like to hear; music he identified with. Those bedroom band days passed, but I was willing to bet he would never give up on his dreams. Jesse graduated from highschool and moved to his home state of Minnesota for college.

Needless to say, time made a rift in our lives. I haven't seen Jess in a long while, so my surprise upon stumbling on his webpage was great. Jess started a band called Reticence with his friends in Minn.

Hearing his voice as lead singer of the band brought to mind those days when we used to hang out and play video games. The songs I heard are amazing and exactly the songs Jesse would be associated with (I'm partial to "Up Up Down Down").

I'm reticent to say Jess made it, as am sure he is reticent to stop where he is now and was reticent to give up on his dream; they've done a lot, but the road is wide open for them to cruise on. Check out the band's tracks on myspace, am sure you'll like it instantly.

*Trivia: One of the band's influences is Bachata; I guess living here for a while really got to Jesse, he really digs his bachata beats...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Imagine This Scenario, Please


Hillary Rodham C. elected President of the United States. I suddenly get a flashback of "Commander in Chief". First thing that comes to mind is Bill Clinton being the first First Gentleman.

Just picture it! A former president now the First Gentleman. I can only begin to imagine the stuff he'd have to put up with.

I can hear Jay Leno: "Did ya hear the new one about Bill Clinton? He was vaccuuming the Oval Office the other day and found a cigar butt on the floor under Hillary's desk. I wonder if he even asked her about it!!!!"

Let's hear what my faithful readers (all 6 of you) have to say.